If you’ve been a hoarder all your life, changing your ways can definitely be a challenge and very unpleasant. Although most hoarders aren’t really like what you see on TV shows, there’s no doubt that the possessions in your home can easily get out of hand if left unmanaged.
That said, allow us to discuss some of the most effective ways on how to stop hoarding for good.

1. Do You Think It’s Useful?
One of the best ways to stop hoarding is to refrain from bringing new objects into your place. Wherein, every time you get the urge to shop, try to think for a moment, and ask yourself if you really need that item; if you’ll have a use for it; or if you already have one. There’s a huge chance that you don’t really need it, and it would just sit in your cabinet or cupboard for several months.

2. Learn to Say NO
A lot of hoarders tend to have their home as a place where someone else’s junk can be stored. If you always get the offer from people– usually friends and family– who are giving away their unwanted goods, it’s better to turn down these offers. You don’t have to feel obliged to accept the gift, because it’s not your problem if they want to throw them away. Also, just think about it; if they have decided to throw the item away, that means it’s not really as useful as what you think.

3. Why Do You Hoard?
It’s very important to look at the reasons why you decided to hoard. Is it because you have the tendency to shop whenever you’re bored? Similarly, does having possessions around make you feel a little happier? Whatever motivates you for hoarding, you have to discover what these are, and try to deal with them.

4. How Much Have You Been Spending?
If you really want to stop being a hoarder, this tip can be very effective and helpful for you. Try to determine how much you have been spending on your possessions for the past few years, or assess the value of the goods you have in your room.

You don’t have to come up with a precise figure, but it’d probably surprise you once you discover how much you have been spending on these things.

5. Accept Help
If you really want to stop hoarding, but you’re finding it hard to make that happen, then it’s probably the right time to ask your friend for help.

Choose someone who can be quite tough, and would inspire you to throw something out whenever you have to, without feeling guilty at all.

6. Organize
Lastly, you have to get your possessions organized, and this is where a friend can also be helpful. Learn how to store your belongings properly in order to make it easier for you to find them and keep everything tidy.

When your possessions are in place, your home would look a lot better, and eventually, you’ll be able to let go of your hoarding impulses as you’d have to maintain your room organized.


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